System Requirements

CPU – 2.0GHZ Dual Core

GPU – 1GB, OpenGL 2.0 Compliant


HDD – 100MB (for installation)

For best performance we recommend a quad core processor, 8GB RAM an nVidia/AMD GPU and an SSD disk drive.

Note: It is important to ensure you have the latest up to date graphics card drivers installed, and that in a dual GPU configuration (typically laptops) that the more powerful, non-integrated, GPU is used. Please consult your vendor documentation for more details.


Software includes a 14 day FREE TRIAL.

VPC Creator is required to make Veesus Point Cloud (VPC) files for visualisation in our products

Please note. Projects created with version 4.0 are not compatible with earlier versions and vice versa.

*NOTE* Pointfuse must be installed into application folder for which you wish to activate Pointfuse capability. e.g. C:/Program Files/Veesus Arena4D or C:/Program Files/Veesus Arena4D for Rhino