3D Computers, Scanners and more!

Workstation (VR Ready) – Hand built with the very latest technology.

Laptop (VR Ready) – Virtual Reality capable laptop.

HD Monitor – Vibrant high quality HD monitor.

Scanning Equipment – The truly mobile hand held DotProduct DPI-8X scanner.

Panoramic Capture – The powerful iSTAR 360 Panoramic camera.

Hardware Products

Powerful complimentary equipment

  • Workstation (VR Ready)

    £1,350.00 ex. Vat
  • HD Monitor

    £150.00 ex. Vat
  • iSTAR 360º Fusion Camera

    £5,500.00 ex. Vat
  • DotProduct DPI-8X SR

    £4,500.00 ex. Vat
  • Laptop (VR Ready)

    £1,999.00 ex. Vat