Animation Module for Data Studio (12 Month Subscription)

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With the Animation module for Data Studio, you can produce Ultra High Definition (4K) videos and animations of your point cloud projects.

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Product Description

The Data Studio Animation Module is a unique and powerful solution for the production of movies, from a basic fly through up to complex animations of any object and/or a part of or all of a point cloud.

  • Animation Creation
    • Frames – Create an animation with unlimited ‘Frames’.
    • Point Clouds – Animate part of or an entire point cloud and any of its properties.
    • Objects – Add any object and animate it within a scene.
    • Camera Location – Define a camera location for each frame, of an animation.
    • View – Camera Locations, Bezier Curves, Frame Focal point for a a third person perspective
    • Edit – Camera Locations, Bezier Curves and time durations associated with frame transition and dwell.
    • Time – Control all objects based on an arbitrary or defined time.
  • Movie Generation
    • Output Resolution – Low, VGA, PAL, HD, UHD, SUHD or Custom.
    • 360 Degree – Create a 360Degree movie of your animation to allow immersive visualisation in Virtual Reality (VR).
    • Output Format – MOV or Output indvidual frames as images.
    • 3D Stereoscopic – Create a Stereo Movie for visualisation on 3D devices.
    • Supersampling – Create a movie with anti aliasing applied to remove jagged edges.
    • Multiple views – Create a movie from any visualisation angle along a defined trajectory.
    • Edit Playback – Specify a constant Speed, Duration or Field of View along a defined trajectory.


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