Animation for Data Studio

With the Animation function for Data Studio, you can produce Ultra High Definition (4K) videos and animations of your point cloud projects.

Included as part of Data Studio Standard.

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Product Description

The Data Studio Animation function is a unique and powerful solution for the production of movies, from a basic fly through up to complex animations of any object and/or a part of or all of a point cloud.

Included as part of Data Studio Standard.

  • Animation Creation
    • Frames – Create an animation with unlimited ‘Frames’.
    • Point Clouds – Animate part of or an entire point cloud and any of its properties.
    • Objects – Add any object and animate it within a scene.
    • Camera Location – Define a camera location for each frame, of an animation.
    • View – Camera Locations, Bezier Curves, Frame Focal point for a a third person perspective
    • Edit – Camera Locations, Bezier Curves and time durations associated with frame transition and dwell.
    • Time – Control all objects based on an arbitrary or defined time.
  • Movie Generation
    • Output Resolution – Low, VGA, PAL, HD, UHD, SUHD or Custom.
    • 360 Degree – Create a 360Degree movie of your animation to allow immersive visualisation in Virtual Reality (VR).
    • Output Format – MOV or Output indvidual frames as images.
    • 3D Stereoscopic – Create a Stereo Movie for visualisation on 3D devices.
    • Supersampling – Create a movie with anti aliasing applied to remove jagged edges.
    • Multiple views – Create a movie from any visualisation angle along a defined trajectory.
    • Edit Playback – Specify a constant Speed, Duration or Field of View along a defined trajectory.


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