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Cloud Editing Module for Data Studio (12 Month Subscription)

£499.00 ex. Vat

With the Cloud Editing module for Data Studio, you can edit, clean and refine point clouds of unlimited size and create unlimited layers.

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Product Description

Edit, clean and refine Point Clouds of unlimited size and create unlimited layers using the powerful point cloud Editing Module.

  • Selection Tools – 3D Brush, Poly Line, Rectangle, Plane, Select All and Invert Selection.
  • Edit Tools – Copy, Delete, Hide and Copy + Delete.
  • Paint Points – Colour, Intensity, Brightness and Contract.
  • Create Points – Patch a hole in your point cloud.
  • Match Points – Match and select Points of a specific colour and/or intensity.
  • Surface Profiler – Identifies deviations in a selected plane.
  • Volume – Calculate the volume of selected points.
  • PointFuse* – Create an instant Mesh of selected points and export in FBX, OBJ and DXF.
  • LAS Classification – Classify your PointCloud Data in order to create unto 256 layers within a single file.

* Requires optional PointFuse module.


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