Forensics for Arena4D

The Forensics function for Arena4D provides a functionality rich software tool that has been specifically designed in collaboration with Forensic Police teams across the world.

Included as part of Arena4D Professional.

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Product Description

The Forensics function for Arena4D provides a functionality that can be used to build, present and deliver an entire forensic scene.

Included as part of Arena4D Professional.

  • Extended Data Objects – Add almost any data object to a point cloud scene in order to build a strong understanding of the location and all relevant evidence.
  • Bullet Trajectory – Scan trajectory rods to provide a bullet trajectory, error cone, compass and origin markers.
  • CSV Import – Data obtained in the traditional way using GPS devices can be added to your scene.
  • View From Point – By selecting any point within a point cloud, you can instantly see and look around from that location.
  • Viewport – Define a pivot point such as the frame of a window and provide a view shed from different locations within a room/car etc.
  • Actor – Define the height, eye offset and field of view and see from their perspective.
  • Deliverables
    • Projects ToGo – Deliver a simple executable, which encapsulates your project and a free limited functionality Data Studio install.
    • PowerPoint – Create a Powerpoint presentation simply and quickly.
    • PDF – Create a PDF Document simply and quickly.
    • Ortho Rectified Photos – Generates an Orthographic photo and export to a chosen resolution.
    • Project A4D – Data Studio allow a single project to be shared by packaging the project contents into an A4D project.


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