Geospatial Module for Data Studio (12 Month Subscription)

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The Geospatial Module for Data Studio enables a Geographic Information System (GIS) user interface that can be used to give complete contextual location understanding, by providing mapping, terrain information, sun position and satellite imagery.

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Product Description

The Geospatial Module for Data Studio provides a familiar real world globe viewer and simple to use Geographic Information System (GIS) user interface.

  • Co-Ordinates System –  Select a co-ordinate system and all georeferenced data will be positioned in the correct place on the globe.
  • Mapping – Use the Free Open Source mapping or connect to your own map database.
  • Satellite Imagery – Use the Free low resolution satellite imagery, or add your own GeoTiff Map tiles.
  • Sunlight – Change the position of the sun dependant on a time in the past or in the future anywhere in the world.
  • Clouds – Realistic looking cloud texture to add realism to your scenes.
  • Terrain – Use the free Digital Terrain Elevation Model (D-TED) or connect to your own terrain data Base.


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