Veesus Arena4D Data Studio

High speed displaying and editing of massive point cloud data sets.

Arena4D Data Studio is a fully featured software package capable of displaying and editing massive point cloud data sets on standard PC hardware.

Arena4D Data Studio is capable of visualising point clouds, imagery, panoramas, shape files, GPS tracks and much more all in a single contextual view. No need to swap packages to see all your data together. The unique contextual GIS platform allows you to combine multiple different data sets into a complete 3D document that you can share with other Arena4D Data Studio users.

Arena4D Data Studio allows you to markup, annotate, measure and even edit your point clouds too. They can then be exported in many common formats.

Also included is a powerful animation component that generates UHD quality movies quickly at the touch of a button. You can even generate 360 panoramic video.

Arena4D Data Studio is available in 3 versions:

Basic – View, measure and share point cloud data easily.

Standard – Edit, animate and view point clouds in VR.

Professional – Secure your point cloud files, and view them in a fully functional GIS platform.

Please scroll down to see details of all feature categories.

Software includes a 14 day FREE TRIAL.

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Standard Edition (includes Editing, Panoramas, VR and Animation):

£2,499.00 ex. Vat Add to cart

Professional Edition (includes Standard capabilities + Forensics, Geospatial, Security, Tracking):

All Veesus Ltd Software products are provided as a 12 month subscription only.


Key benefits of Arena4D Data Studio

Easy and Powerful

Simple but rich user interface.

No Limit

View point clouds of unlimited size.


Add data types from many sources to create a rich understandable 3D scene.


1000’s of seats deployed.

Constant Development

Data Studio is growing in functionality all of the time.

Cutting Edge

Researching, exploring and applying cutting edge technology.

Arena4D Data Studio is the only point cloud editing software package which also makes available Arithmetica’s Pointfuse vecotrization technology and NCTech’s Colour Cloud & Measurement modules. Arena4D Data Studio also supports the latest VR developments and provides stunning immersive 3D reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platforms.

Feature Categories

Please click a category to explore available functions

  • Animation for Data Studio

  • Cloud Editing for Data Studio

  • Forensics for Data Studio

  • Geospatial for Data Studio

  • Panorama for Data Studio

  • Security for Data Studio

  • Tracking for Data Studio

  • Virtual Reality for Data Studio


See more details of Arena4D Data Studio

  • Time

    The forth dimension

  • GIS

    Powerful for experts, simple for novices

  • Editing

    Real time fast editing of point cloud data

  • Lighting

    Unveil hidden details

  • Animation

    Produce ultra high definition and 360 panoramic videos

  • Contextual

    Combine all your different data in one view