Veesus Arena4D VPC Creator

Convert point clouds into the efficient Veesus Point Cloud (VPC) format.

Use our free VPC Creator to convert your current point cloud formats into the high speed, secure and web stream-able VPC format that can then be used by all our software products.


Key benefits of Arena4D VPC Creator


Free to download and install.


Upto 20 million points processed per minute.


Can be re-used in all Veesus products.


Compatible with all major point cloud formats.


The VPC format is on average 70% smaller than a LAS file.

Increased Productivity

Continue to use other Veesus products, whilst converting files.

Arena4D VPC Creator includes NCTech’s Colour Cloud platform for adding stunning HDR quality imagery to your point cloud data


See more details of Arena4D VPC Creator

  • Intelligent

    Compresses data without loss

  • NCTech

    Supports ColourCloud technology

  • Flexible

    Supports many different industry standard formats