Arena4D for Rhino is a plug-in for the popular Computer Aided Design package Rhino by McNeel.

Arena4D for Rhino leverages the XStream point cloud engine from our Data Studio tool and makes it available within the CAD environment.

All the tools associated with the normal Data Studio engine are available such as smoothing, lighting and magnification. Also included are slicing, clipping and export functions.



Arena4D for Rhino also makes available Arithmetica's Pointfuse vecotrization technology for rapid vectorization of point cloud data in the CAD environment.

To learn more about Arena4D for Rhino download the User Guide or check out our YouTube page.

Use our free VPC Creator to convert your current point cloud formats into the high speed, secure and web stream-able Veesus VPC format which is used inside all our products.

Arena4D Rhino Render plugin is a point cloud render plugin for generating extremely high resolution images of point cloud models inside of Rhino's renderer pipeline. Once an image is generated Rhino's built in tools for applying effects such as depth of field can be applied. 

Arena4D Rhino Render plugin requires Arena4D for Rhino to be installed to access the point cloud data.

Click an image to download a high resolution version.

12000 x 8000 - Raw render

4000 x 3000 - Raw render

4000 x 3000 - "Depth Of Field" render


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All Veesus Point Cloud products come with the XStream Engine built in. This engine allows point cloud data with Billions of points of data to be easily managed and viewed on standard laptops and desktop computers. It's multi-threaded, efficient design and implementation reduces the overhead on your computer typically associated with point cloud data.





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Rhino Plugin (12 Month Subscription)

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Rhino Render Plugin (12 Month Subscription)

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