General Issues


My USB License Key is not recognised

This can be caused by the use of USB extension cables.  If you are using a USB extension cable, please remove the dongle from the cable and insert it directly into the USB port on your computer. Still doesn't work, try a different USB port and lastly make sure it is inserted into the computer you are using.  Network dongle users also make sure DinkeyServer is running on the machine with the dongle inserted.


No VPC generation from within Data Studio or Rhino plugin!

A standalone VPC Creator exists and can be downloaded from our website. 


Generating a point cloud is much slower then estimated time

Ensure both drive and directory location for the import are NOT across a network or USB devices. Use internal SSD (Solid State Drive) where possible. 


Point Rendering performance is very slow.

Make sure the point cloud is on the local mahcine and on the machines fastest drive (SSD). Do not have point clouds being accessed via USB or across a network


Point Rendering performance is very slow on nVidia Quadro GPU

Ensure that the global preset for your nVidia card is set to Workstation App -> Dynamic Streaming for optimum performance.


Point Rendering performance is lower than expected on laptop

Most laptops now feature dual GPU's. Typically the more basic, slower, GPU is chosen by default with a new program. Ensure that the GPU drivers are selecting the right processor for Arena4D. Please consult your vendor manual for more information.


Graphics Card Related Issues

Arena4D software applications use the latest advances in software and hardware graphics technology.  Many laptops use inbuilt / integrated graphics chips, which do not reach the minimum specification recommended for the use of Arena4D Products, this can cause performance issues and visual anomalies.  Another common cause of performance related issues and visual anomalies can be attributed the specific graphics card drivers for your hardware not being up to date and / or your graphics card not being configured correctly.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)  -  We recommend nVidia.

Graphics card drivers are out of date and no longer compatible with the latest OpenGL versions  -  Please check with you’re provider (nVidia, AMD)

Your graphics card configuration is incorrect  -  Ensure that the 'Global Preset' for your nVidia card is set to "Workstation App -> Dynamic Streaming" for optimum performance.


Data Studio Issues


How to exit "Full Screen" mode within Data Studio

Press the "Shift" and "Esc" keys together. 


3D Models loading tilted over 90°

Objects Properties select "Flip Y/Z"  This is only applicable to 3D models having non-georeferenced selected during initial loading. 


3D/CAD Models incorrect loading position

Select georeferenced during initial loading and select either "X/Y/Z Cartesian" or "X/Z/Y Cartesian" (depending if Y or Z is up), otherwise it will be positioned in the center of the current view or where you right clicked. 


MAP (tif, tiff) NOT loading

TIF files require corresponding world file (twf) and projection file. Recommended format would be geotif (gtiff, gtiff) as this has the additional data embedded in the single file.


Editing a point cloud performance is much slower then expected

Ensure point cloud data is NOT across a network or USB devices. Use internal SSD (Solid State Drive) where possible.


Point Rendering performance with static scans is lower than expected

Point ratio setting is probably to high!  Under "Properties" for the scan(s) change "Point Ratio" to 2 (default is 5) and experiment with the "Point Size" starting with 2.


Poor performance editing point clouds

Turn off point clouds not required and/or apply a clipbox around the area requiring editing.


The Arena4D Data Studio ‘Magnifier’ tool is square / too small / not visible

This issue is a result of any number of graphics card related issues detailed under "Graphics Card Issues" support page.


Arena4D Data Studio - When I click “Continue" at the “License Expired” dialog, Arena4D Data Studio Fails to Load

 This normally happens following an install of a new software version and the previous version was not uninstalled correctly.  Please see the instructions for removing and re-installing Arena4D Data Studio, on the support page.


Arena4D Data Studio Data Point Clouds appearing dark or black, but not always

Has the Overlay "Sunlight" been turned on? This overlay will affect the brightness depending upon the time of day.


Arena4D Data Studio Data Objects All or Some Do Not Appear correctly Part 1

Has a Clipbox(s) been created and turn ON? Clipboxes only show data within them and therefore HIDE all data outside their limits.


Arena4D Data Studio Data Objects Do Not Appear Part 2

This has been observed with Measurement and Polyline objects, however, it can exhibit itself with potentially any data object and is caused by corruption to the file, which is located in the "../<user name>/Arena4D" directory.  Simply delete the file to reset and restart Arena4D Data Studio.


Arena4D Data Studio Panorama (NCTech or otherwise) does not turn orange when hovering mouse pointer over it and therefore can not double click to enter

Make sure the "Position" tool is turned off (no movement arrows visible).


USB Joypad/Gamepad is not working correctly in Arena4D Data Studio

Make sure the controller is connected before Data Studio is loaded.

If the controller has a specific Windows mode make sure it is enabled. 

If the controller has a specific Analogue mode make sure it is enabled (usually LED on).


VR Headset not working

Make sure Steam VR is downloaded, installed and detecting the headset.

LED's on the headset and tracker device should be blue! If not make sure Oculus runtime X.X is installed.

Make sure the Oculus Rift "Unknown Sources" option under Settings->General is ticked on.

Are the Oculus firmware drivers the latest?

Is the graphics card up to specification and using the latest drivers?


Getting the best from Panorama video generation

Before generation make sure the Lighting is disabled and the background top and bottom colours are the same.


Rhino Plugin Issues


How to install the Arena4D for Rhino "Arena4D.rhp" file

The RHP file is not an executable, it’s a Rhino 'Plug-in' file, you will need to install the RHP file within Rhino, by performing the following steps: 

  1. Download the Rhino Installer from downloads page on our website
  2. Install downloaded Installer
  3. Start Rhino
  4. Under "Tools - Options - Plugins"  DISABLE any old Arena4D versions
  5. Restart Rhino
  6. Under "Tools - Options - Plugins" INSTALL the new “Arena4D.rhp" file from step 2
  7. From the command line type “Arena4D” and hit return.


Arena4D for Rhino is blocked when I try to run it using Windows 8

For Windows 8 users only, perform the following steps: 

  1. Download the Rhino Installer from downloads page on our website
  2. Install downloaded Installer
  3. Using windows explorer, right click the “Arena4D.rhp” file and select “Properties”
  4. Un-check the “Block” check box
  5. Start Rhino
  6. Under "Tools - Options - Plugins"  DISABLE any old Arena4D versions
  7. Restart Rhino
  8. Under "Tools - Options - Plugins" INSTALL the new “Arena4D.rhp" file from step 2 


Snap to point doesn't work in Rhino

To use point snapping in Rhino ensure that it is enabled in the Arena4D options panel AND the point oSnap type is turned on in Rhino. Also make sure that point visibility in the Rhino Wireframe Display Mode is not set to size 0.


My PointCloud vanished from my Viewport in Arena4D for Rhino after 10 minutes

This is correct behaviour, the trial version of Arena4D for Rhino only gives you 10 minutes of free usage.  Just long enough to determine if the application meets your requirements, however, re-starting Rhino will provide you with a further 10 minutes each time.


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