Web Hosting

Incorporating the Veesus XStreamEngine

Incorporating Arena4D Point Server the Veesus Web Hosting service provides a scalable and secure solution to share your scan data with your team, customers and partners.

Once you’ve uploaded your scan data to your dedicated server, multiple clients can easily view and use them across the internet to by using either Arena4D Data Studio – Basic Module (Free), Arena4D Point Clouds for Rhino or a Web Browser.

Web Hosting Starts from as little as £130 per month (ex VAT), to discuss your specific requirements, please Contact Us.

Hosting Benefits

Features of web hosting

Stream direct

Unique capability to stream directly to software applications.

Web Server Machine

Each customer has a dedicated web server machine.


Configurable user login and access control.


Scan data can be viewed by multiple users simultaneously.

Store and stream

Store and stream unlimited numbers of points.


Dedicated host bandwidth.

Not Limited

Not limited to visualisation within a web browser.


Scalable to suit your budget and data needs.

Streaming Demo

Watch data served from the cloud