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We specialise in unique and powerful solutions, that provide the laser scanning industry with the capability to visualise massive point cloud data from any source and combine it with any other data.
Software Veesus
We offer our software product range in Desktop, CAD plug-in and Server versions. Versatile software which allows fast editing, visualisation and content creation.
Hardware Hardware We are able to provide a host of cutting edge hardware to compliment our software. Years of experience with point cloud data allow us to select the best components for you. Services Need help? We are here for you! We cover all areas of laser scanning service provision, which we will tailor to your needs. From processing, editing and hosting we can help along every step of the way.


Welcome to Veesus Ltd, home to cutting edge point cloud software.

At the heart of all our applications is our XStreamEngine point cloud software for viewing and editing massive point cloud data sets in full detail. We have standalone desktop software, server and plug-ins for popular CAD software such as SolidWorks and Rhino.

Whether you are an engineer, surveyor, site manager or end user, we have a solution to help you deal with the complexities of point cloud data.

Our standalone desktop software, Arena4D, also supports the latest VR technology and provides stunning immersive 3D reality on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platforms.

As an active member of the laser scanning community we are also able to provide hardware and services to suit your requirements. Please contact us for more information.


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