Who are Veesus?

Veesus has been delighting clients since 2012, in a whole range of industries and in companies all over the world. In this blog post, I want to explain a bit about who we are, what we do – and why we do it.

How it all began

Veesus began in 2012, when Mark Christy and I decided to combine our experience in software development and the use of point cloud data to solve a challenge that had perplexed us both over the years. That challenge was how hard it was (and often still is) to use point cloud data, especially large point clouds. The name Veesus, incidentally, is taken from the Latin “visus,” which means “sight” or “vision.” Because that’s exactly what our software does – it allows you to see, and use, your point cloud data easily, regardless of how large the point cloud is.

What we do – making point clouds simple for everyone to use

That’s our aim, in a nutshell – to make it easy for anyone to use point cloud data in their work. We know that for many professionals, point clouds can be really useful – but working with the data can be difficult and time-consuming. Many 3D design tools don’t support working with point clouds natively, requiring workarounds that are often very complicated and diminish the value of the data you’re working with. On top of this, the size of point clouds often means that high-spec computers are needed to work with them effectively. Our software cuts through all that, and makes it possible to work with point clouds of any size on regular computer hardware, and work with them natively in popular 3D design software.

Very recently, we’ve expanded what we do with the creation of Zappcha. Zappcha includes an app that enables anyone with a LiDAR-enabled iOS device to capture and view 3D scans directly from that device, or via the web, and share them with others online. It also includes the Zappcha Cloud, a cloud storage platform for your 3D scans. The app enables people who couldn’t afford to invest in a professional LiDAR scanner to start working with and benefiting from point clouds, while the Zappcha Cloud makes it easier for people who use point clouds in their jobs to work with point clouds from anywhere – making it easier to work remotely, which is of course more important than ever in today’s world.

Who do we work with?

If you work with point clouds in your job, then there’s a high chance you could benefit from having Veesus in your life! The range of companies and sectors that we work with is growing all the time, as more and more industries find ways to use point clouds to support them in their work.

Currently, we do a lot of work with architects, engineers and construction organisations, as well as surveyors. We also work closely with police forces, who use point clouds to help them recreate crime scenes for forensic investigations, among other things. In fact, you can read more about our work in our customer stories.

Who are we?

The Veesus team is small, and we’re all passionate about helping our clients get the most out of their point cloud data. Here we are:

Mark Estcourt

That’s me! I co-founded Veesus in 2012 with Mark Christy, and continue to lead the team into the future.

Mark Christy

Mark C is the other co-founder of Veesus and our technology director, who oversees the development of our software and all things tech-related.

Matt Ransom

Matt is our support manager, meaning he spends a lot of time engaging with our customers on how to get the most out of our software. From technical problems to simple advice on how to use the software, Matt is always on hand to help out!

Nicki Taylor-Johnson

Nicki leads our marketing team, helping promote what we do to the wider world. From talking to happy customers and creating case studies, to arranging webinars and blogs, if you read something by Veesus, she’s had a hand in it!

Sean Bottomley

Sean is our senior software engineer, in charge of developing and managing our latest products in the mobile market, including Zappcha.

Lucy Trevena

Lucy is our customer liaison and marketing assistant. She supports Nicki on the marketing side of things, and also spends a lot of time supporting customers and learning more about what they do.

… but enough about us!

Hopefully this blog post has helped you get to know us a bit, if you didn’t already. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing more of our insights into our world. Reality capture and point clouds in general are at an exciting place right now; 3D scanning technology is becoming more and more affordable, and the applications for point clouds are growing all the time.  There’s lots of opportunity out there, and lots of potholes for professionals to navigate – whether they’re new to point clouds or seasoned experts. I look forward to helping both parties to get the most out of their scan data, work smarter, and ultimately achieve better outcomes for their businesses.

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