About Veesus

Veesus is one of Europe’s leading providers of point cloud visualisation software, and was created in 2012 to help companies work more effectively with point cloud data.

Led by Mark Estcourt, Veesus is focused on making software that lets users view, manipulate, edit and animate point clouds of any size, without the need for expensive computer equipment. Its flagship software, Veesus Arena4D, is popular within a whole range of industries, from architects and construction to defence and policing. Anyone who uses, or wants to use, point cloud data in their work can benefit from Veesus software.

Our ambition is to improve the visibility of point cloud data for all professionals, making it easier to see the data they’re working with and get maximum value from it. That’s why we based the name “Veesus” on the Latin word visus, which translates as “sight” or “vision.”

We’re also passionate about making professional-grade point cloud editing tools available to everyone, whether professional or hobbyist. That goal is part of the reason we moved to become a subscription-based service in July 2022, which you can learn more about here.

The software

The heart of Veesus’ software is the XStreamEngine, which enables Veesus to display and edit massive point clouds on standard PC hardware. Central to our software too is The Zappcha Cloud, our cloud storage platform for 3D scan data. Combined with the XStreamEngine, the Zappcha Cloud enables Veesus users to stream their point cloud data from the cloud with no loss of quality – even for massive point cloud datasets – to any machine running one of our software products:

  • Arena4D, our point cloud editing tool and GIS platform, which enables users to view, edit and animate point cloud data, and combine it with a range of other spatial data as part of a project.
  • Point Clouds for Rhino, our plug-in for McNeel’s Rhino software that enables users to natively view and edit point clouds in Rhino.
  • Point Clouds for SolidWorks, our plug-in for SolidWorks software from Dassault Systems, which enables SolidWorks users to natively view and edit point clouds.
  • Point Clouds for Revit, our plug-in for Autodest Revit, which enables users to load VPC files directly into Revit and to stream them from the Zappcha Cloud.
  • Zappcha, our most recent innovation which enables users of the latest iOS devices to capture point clouds using their in-built LIDAR scanner.

As of July 2022, Veesus software is available as a subscription service. One subscription gives users access to all our key software products, and the ability to save point clouds in the Zappcha Cloud to stream them to our software from anywhere in the world.

The service

One of the things that sets Veesus apart from other software providers in this space is our service. Our customers tell us time and time again that they love dealing with us. We always strive to listen to what our customers want, and to help them out as quickly as we can if there’s a problem.

In addition, we provide services including training in how to use our software, as well as support with 3D scanning, point cloud processing, and animating point cloud data.

The team

The Veesus team is a small family, though we are always on the lookout for talented people to join our ranks. Meet the team below:

Mark Estcourt

Managing Director

Sean Bottomley

Senior Software Development Engineer

Mark Christy

Technology Director

Lucy Trevena

Customer Liaison and Marketing Administrator

Matt Ransom

Support Manager

Nicki Taylor-Johnson

Marketing Manager