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Zappcha 3.0 – point clouds just got even better
28 Sep 12:48 pm

Hopefully, by now you’ve seen Zappcha being talked about in various forums and on social media. For...

How has Coronavirus impacted point cloud users?
16 Sep 01:45 pm

Another day, another blog about Covid – right? We’re used to hearing about how Covid has changed...

Who are Veesus?
16 Aug 10:16 am

Veesus has been delighting clients since 2012, in a whole range of industries and in companies all...

Introducing Zappcha – mobile point cloud capture and cloud-based storage
8 Apr 09:22 am

At Veesus, we’re proud to have played our part in making point cloud data more accessible to...

3 ways 3D printing and 3D scanning can work together
16 Mar 08:49 am

This year, if you’ve been reading the technology news, you may have seen 3D printing making headlines...