Customer Stories

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Point Clouds for SolidWorks

European Active Projects Ltd, a construction and fabrication company, discovered faster, more accurate site measurement with the Point Clouds for SolidWorks plug-in. Now their CAD designers can work with point clouds of any size natively within SolidWorks.

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Coenradie Surveying, a surveying solutions company based in the Netherlands, uses Veesus Arena4D to create incredible marketing videos using their point clouds. Thanks to Arena4D, they’re generating significant interest online with smooth, high-quality videos, created easily.

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Point Clouds for Rhino

The CAD Room wanted to set up a new surveying business unit – so they needed to quickly establish a reputation for fast, high-quality work. Using Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino plug-in, The CAD Room can complete drawings using point cloud data twice as fast as they could before using Veesus.

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