Welcome to Veesus

Welcome to Veesus Ltd, home of the Arena4D software range.

Arena4D is the name of our core product range and features client, server and plug-in applications. At the heart of all our applications is our cross platform point cloud rendering engine for viewing and editing large point cloud data sets.

Whether you are an engineer, surveyor, site manager or end user, we have a solution to help you deal with the complexities of point cloud data

Arena4d Data Studio

Arena4D Data Studio is the only point cloud editing software package which also incorporates Arithmetica’s Pointfuse vecotrization technology and NCTech’s Colour Cloud & Measurement modules. Our Rhino plugin also incorporates Pointfuse for rapid vectorization of point cloud data in the CAD environment.

To learn more about our products please check out the products section.

Arena4D. Any Data, Any Device… Instantly.