5: Point Cloud Server

For users who own or have access to Point Cloud Server(s) you can stream data to Point Clouds for Rhino.

To access your Point Cloud Servers, first select the Point Cloud tab. Select the icon and select the Network icon to open the Point Streams window.







Once the Point Streams window is open, select the Point Server tab.  This will bring up a list of all the servers you have saved in the plug-in (and so will be empty the first time you open it!)

To add a new server, enter the URL or IP address of the server including the port number, then click the Add button .  In the screenshot you can see our example,, where the port number is 10123.

Once the server is added it will appear in the list of available servers. To select a server from the list, simply click on it.

Selecting a server will produce a list of all the point clouds on that server in the right hand side. Once a point cloud is selected from the server simply click Open to start streaming that data to your viewer. The red cross next to this closes the window.

Streamed point clouds can be manipulated in any way a normal point cloud file can be, except for the deletion of points.


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