6: Scripting

In this section:

6.1: Introduction
6.1.1: Point cloud viewing
6.1.2: Slicing
6.1.3: Clipping
6.1.4: Viewpoints
6.1.5: Point cloud opening/closing
6.1.6: Point selection
6.2: Example code


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6.1 Introduction

You can control a number of Point Clouds for Rhino functions via RhinoScript.

Note: slices can be added by point or by width; please refer to section 3.6 to understand more about slicing.

Below are some common commands for Rhino functions in RhinoScript:


6.1.1 Point cloud viewing

public void SetPointCloudsVisible( bool visible)


6.1.2 Slicing

public void AddSlice( int red, int green, int blue, double step, double width, bool colourPoints, bool clipping, bool locked)
public void PositionSlice( bool width)
public void PositionSlicePoint( object position)
public void PositionSliceWidth( object positionList)
public void EnableSelectedSlice( bool enable)
public void MoveSlice( bool positive)
public void SetActiveSliceByView( )


6.1.3 Clipping

public void AddClip( )


6.1.4 Viewpoints

public void AddViewpoint( )
public void SetPointSnap( bool on)


6.1.5 Point cloud file opening/closing

public void OpenPointCloud( string path, int pointSize, float quality, int colourMode)
public object ListPointClouds( )
public void RemovePointCloud( int index)


6.1.6 Point selection

public object GetSelectedPoints( )
public void SelectAllPoints( )
public void ClearSelectedPoints( )


6.2 Example code

The below screenshot shows you how you would use the commands in RhinoScript to add a slice.

NOTE: check the GUID shown in our screenshot as 904************************* on your specific installation of Rhino. This can be found under Tools -> Options -> Plug-ins -> Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino -> Details.



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