4: Zappcha

Users with access to Zappcha can stream point cloud data stored in the Zappcha Cloud to Point Clouds for Rhino. This means you can work on point clouds without having the point cloud data on your computer.

NOTE: you need an active Zappcha account to use this feature. To create your Zappcha account for free, please visit Zappcha.com.

Logging in to Zappcha in Point Clouds for Rhino

To access Zappcha, first select the Zappcha tab.

Enter your username and password.

Click the cloud button to log in to the Zappcha Cloud.









Once logged into Zappcha, click the plus icon in the Point Clouds tab, and select “Network” to open the Point Streams window, where you can access your Zappcha Cloud storage

Moving back to the Point Clouds tab, click the icon and select the Network button to launch the Point Streams window.

The Zappcha tab of the Point Streams window

Our example includes lots of point clouds – yours will obviously only contain point clouds you have saved to the Zappcha Cloud. In the Point Streams window, select the Zappcha tab. You will see all the point clouds you have saved to your Zappcha Cloud.

Click on a point cloud in the list to select it, and simply click Open to start streaming that point cloud to your viewer. Once it has loaded, the point cloud can be worked on in exactly the same way as any other point cloud, except for deleting points. The red cross button next to it closes the window.


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