Image courtesy of Andrea Gavagnin

Point Cloud Processing

Reverse engineer 3D point cloud survey to CAD

Our team has 30 years of combined point cloud experience. Our point cloud processing services include:

Point cloud cleaning, filtering and conversion – Point cloud processing can be a lengthy and time consuming process, we offer a full range of services that allow you to upload your data and we will optimise, filter, clean, rescale or convert your point cloud/s from any format into the Veesus Point Cloud (VPC) format, or LAS, e57, PTS formats.

Point cloud registration – Using a number of techniques to register point cloud data sets from multiple scanning technology or photogrammetry software.

2D and 3D modelling – Reverse engineering “As Built” structures or buildings for further analysis and design is growing in utility and popularity. We offer the means to create 2D documentation and 3D models, from point cloud surveys, that can be used in CAD applications, such as AutoDesk Revit and McNeel Rhino.

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