Point Clouds for Revit

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Point Clouds for Revit

Work with VPC files natively in Revit

The Veesus Point Clouds for Revit plug-in enables users of Autodesk Revit to work with Veesus’ revolutionary VPC files, making it easier than ever to bring point cloud data into your BIM plans.

Veesus Point Clouds for Revit offers powerful point cloud manipulation tools including clipping, viewpoints, and a relief shader to easily identify variances in your data. Users can also use the full suite of existing Revit point cloud manipulation tools, making easy to work with your point clouds in the way you want.

Crucially, our plug-in enables you to seamlessly move point cloud data between all Veesus software, including Arena4D, Point Clouds for SolidWorks, Point Clouds for Rhino, and Zappcha. This interoperability makes it easier for teams to work on the same point cloud data in the program that is best for the job, whether that’s visualisation, integrating with CAD designs, or BIM data.

The integration with Zappcha is especially exciting. As well as enabling users to load scans captured on their iOS device directly into Revit, Point Clouds for Revit users can stream their point cloud data to wherever they need to work using the Zappcha Cloud. Say goodbye to copying and transporting massive point cloud files; Point Clouds for Revit and Zappcha enable multiple teams to work with the same data, or remote working, with ease. Click here to learn more about Zappcha.

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Why buy from Veesus?

The experts in point cloud visualisation


Bring work from other Veesus software into Revit with no workarounds.

Constant Updates

Working with customers to constantly improve the product.

Works The Way You Want To

Use the full range of point cloud tools in Revit to work with VPC files just like you would other point cloud data.


Incorporates the Veesus XStreamEngine.

Easy to Use

Simple user interface, with powerful features.

Work on point clouds anywhere

Use the Zappcha Cloud to stream point cloud data to anywhere and to anyone with the plug-in.


See more details of Veesus Point Clouds for Revit

  • Work with VPC files

    Load VPC files natively in Revit

  • Zappcha integration

    Live stream point clouds from the Zappcha Cloud straight into Revit

  • Slice

    Work through your point cloud data

  • Highlight

    Custom shader extracts surface detail

  • Clipping

    Clip sections of your point cloud data to focus on the data you want to work on