One click vectorization of point cloud data

Pointfuse by Arithmetica is available as a plugin for Arena4D Data Studio and Arena4D for Rhino.

Pointfuse converts point clouds to vector models in minutes. Pointfuse is fully automatic, astonishingly fast, accurate and repeatable. It will revolutionize your scan-to-CAD workflow.

Vector models have a far smaller memory footprint than the original point data, so need less computing power to visualize and manipulate, and contain richer geometrical properties than point clouds.

All Veesus Ltd Software products are provided as a 12 month subscription only.


Key benefits of Pointfuse for Arena4D

Real. Simple. Sure.

Easily select geometry from converted models.

2D plans, elevations and sections

Using Rhino, Arena4D and PointFuse, Plans and reverse engineering is simple.

High Quality

High quality 3D vector models in minutes not months.


Generate FBX, OBJ or DXF models automatically.

One Button

The One-Button solution is fully automatic.


The most powerful point cloud conversion engine


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  • Simple

    One click vectorization

  • Solid

    Removes gaps between points

  • CAD Support

    Points to vectors in Rhino CAD

  • Clarity

    Improves fine details