Cloud Editing for Arena4D

With the Cloud Editing function for Arena4D, you can edit, clean and refine point clouds of massive size and create 250 LAS layers.

Included as part of Arena4D Standard.

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Product Description

Edit, clean and refine Point Clouds of massive size and create LAS layers using the powerful point cloud Editing function.

Included as part of Arena4D Standard.

  • Selection Tools – 3D Brush, Poly Line, Rectangle, Plane, Select All and Invert Selection.
  • Edit Tools – Copy, Delete, Hide and Copy + Delete.
  • Paint Points – Colour, Intensity, Brightness and Contract.
  • Create Points – Patch a hole in your point cloud.
  • Match Points – Match and select Points of a specific colour and/or intensity.
  • Surface Profiler – Identifies deviations in a selected plane.
  • Volume – Calculate the volume of selected points.
  • LAS Classification – Classify your PointCloud Data in order to create up to 50 layers within a single file.



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