Geospatial for Arena4D

The Geospatial function for Arena4D enables a Geographic Information System (GIS) user interface that can be used to give complete contextual location understanding, by providing mapping, terrain information, sun position and satellite imagery.

Included as part of Arena4D Professional.


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Product Description

The Geospatial function for Arena4D provides a familiar real world globe viewer and simple to use Geographic Information System (GIS) user interface.

Included as part of Arena4D Professional.

  • Co-Ordinates System –  Select a co-ordinate system and all georeferenced data will be positioned in the correct place on the globe.
  • Mapping – Use the Free Open Source mapping or connect to your own map database.
  • Satellite Imagery – Use the Free low resolution satellite imagery, or add your own GeoTiff Map tiles.
  • Sunlight – Change the position of the sun dependant on a time in the past or in the future anywhere in the world.
  • Clouds – Realistic looking cloud texture to add realism to your scenes.
  • Terrain – Use the free Digital Terrain Elevation Model (D-TED) or connect to your own terrain data Base.


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