Panorama for Arena4D

The Arena4D Panoramas function is powerful solution for enabling panoramic imagery to be viewed in isolation or added to your project containing other data.

Included as part of Arena4D Standard.

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Product Description

Viewing panoramic imagery in Arena4D using the Panoramas function not only allows a user to add, the often under utilised photographic information captured as part of a LIDAR scan, to a project, but also allows panoramas from any panoramic capture device to be added.

Included as part of Arena4D Standard.

  • Scanner Panoramas
    • View in context – Almost all Laser Scanners capture imagery to only colourise the scan data. Add the image to your point cloud and view from anywhere.
    • Measurements – If georeferenced or positioned correctly, the panorama can bemused to take measurements from within the panoramic Sphere or Cylinder.
    • Annotation – If georeferenced or positioned correctly, annotate items from within the panorama.
    • Visualisation – On occasion point cloud data alone is not good enough to identify items within a scene, the panoramic imagery can help in identification.
  • NCTech iSTAR Panoramas
    • Full HDR – View in isolation or together with other data to provide a rich contextual data type.
    • NCTech Measure – Take measurements directly from the panorama, without the need for a point cloud in the background.


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