1: Introduction

In this section: 1.1: About 1.2: Installation 1.3: Data formats 1.4: Loading and saving 1.5: Centre pivot point control   1. 1 About Welcome to the user guide for the Veesus Point Cloud plug-in for SolidWorks. At the core of the plug-in is our unique point rendering engine that enables the rapid loading and visualisation […]

2: General workflow

Once your point clouds have been loaded into SolidWorks via the plug-in, you’ll want to work with them. Below, we’ve suggested a workflow that you could use to get the best from your point clouds: Orientate the point cloud (see section 3.3.2) Set the point cloud Origin (see section 3.3.1) Professional users: clean the point […]

3: User interface

In this section: 3.1: General 3.2: Point clouds 3.3: Align 3.3.1: Origin 3.3.2: Align 3.3.3 Reset 3.3.4 Axis 3.3.5 Flip 3.3.6 Rotate 3.4 Options 3.5 Slices 3.5.1 Slice from plane 3.5.2 CSV (professional version only) 3.5.3 Vector 3.5.4 Outline 3.5.5 Position slice 3.5.6 Plane from slice 3.5.7 Step slice 3.6 Clipping 3.6.1 Clipping in slices […]

4: Zappcha

Users with access to Zappcha can stream point cloud data stored in The Zappcha Cloud to Point Clouds for SoildWorks. This means you can work on point clouds without having the point cloud data on your computer. NOTE: you need an active Zappcha account to use this feature. To create your Zappcha account for free, […]

5: Point Cloud Server

For users who own or have access to Arena4D Point Cloud Server(s) you can stream data to Arena4D for SoildWorks. To access to Point Cloud Servers first select the Point Cloud tab.  Moving back to the Point Clouds tab, clicking the cloud icon will launch the Point Streams window.           Once […]