TMJ Interiors

Unlocks point cloud potential with Veesus Point Clouds for SolidWorks


  • Software to work with scan data collected in-house
  • Current workflows made it hard to share data internally and with tradespeople


  • Veesus Point Clouds for SolidWorks plug-in
  • Enables users to work with point cloud data natively in SolidWorks


  • In-house workflow increases project quality at a reduced cost
  • Data can be shared across the project, improving results for clients

About the company – TMJ Interiors

Celebrating 40 years of trading, TMJ Interiors work on some of the UK’s most prestigious projects. Setting the standard in Tier 1 Specialist Joinery and Interior Fit-Out, the bespoke 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility combined with their highly skilled and dedicated team mean quality is synonymous with TMJ.

The Challenge

Reducing the cost of working with point clouds, and sharing data across teams

TMJ interiors is always interested in using the latest design technology to ensure it delivers the highest quality to its clients. For many years, TMJ has used point cloud data on projects – but recently, the design team decided to try something new. Previously, they would use a third party to scan buildings and work with Autodesk Inventor models provided to them by the third party. However, this became expensive, as well as relatively inflexible.

TMJ uses a wide range of software, but not all the employees were familiar with Inventor. This meant that the data TMJ obtained from its scanning provider could not be used by the entire team. It also made it difficult to share scan data with on-site tradespeople, which is an important part of the team’s coordination workflow.

TMJ decided to buy its own scanner to cut costs associated with reality capture, as well as an accompanying software tool to allow its design team to work with point cloud data – and, more importantly, share it with other colleagues and trades.

“The ability to share data with trades and convert data into formats usable by all made it a great way forward for the business.”

TMJ Interiors

The Solution

Veesus Point Clouds for SolidWorks plug-in

The TMJ design team already uses SolidWorks, and was introduced to Veesus by Solid Solutions, the leading SolidWorks reseller in the UK and Ireland.

“Following further investigation, the Veesus Point Clouds for SolidWorks plug-in appeared to be an impressive and exciting piece of software. The ability to share data with trades and convert data into formats usable by all made it a great way forward for the business.”

Veesus Point Clouds for SolidWorks uses a unique point cloud rendering engine that allows users to view, manipulate, and edit point clouds natively within SolidWorks. The ability to create slices through point clouds and convert them into vector images is particularly exciting to the TMJ design team. With a few clicks, they can generate accurate vector images from point cloud surveys that can be distributed to the rest of the team. TMJ also appreciates the clash detection function for quickly determining whether designs will fit in the buildings and adjusting as needed.

The Results

Better workflows, better outcomes for clients

TMJ can be confident that its designs created in digital environments will fit in the real world because it can work with its own point cloud data easily and effectively thanks to Veesus Point Clouds for SolidWorks. A recent example of the benefit of using Veesus was on a high-end residential project. The entire site was scanned, and the point cloud quickly revealed that the fan coil units which a contractor was installing were being installed incorrectly. This was quickly resolved by informing the contractor, and the fan coils were moved before it became a major and costly issue.

TMJ’s design team is enjoying the benefits of having its reality capture workflow completely in-house. The rate at which scans are captured, converted into usable data, and compared is much faster and more efficient than when working with third parties, helping make project timelines more manageable. The team can also now easily share point cloud data with others, which simplifies coordination and increases project efficiency.

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