Details of our Black Friday promotion

Our Black Friday promotion is offering customers 50% off an upgrade from a Standard license to a Professional license. This offer applies to our Point Clouds for Rhino plug-in and our Point Clouds for SolidWorks plug-in only.

This promotion is only available to existing customers who own Standard licenses for Point Clouds for Rhino and Point Clouds for SolidWorks, who received the email telling them about the promotion. It cannot be transferred to another license holder or be used on new purchases of our plug-ins.

Customers can register for the discount by 10th December 2021. After that time, it will be at Veesus’ discretion whether to allow customers to receive the discount.

Once registered, customers can use their discount at any time up until 30th April 2022. The discount can only be used once.

The discount is offered against the difference in price between a Standard license and a Professional license. For example: the Professional license for Point Clouds for Rhino costs £500 more than the Standard license. Once the promotion is applied, a customer can upgrade to a Professional license for £250. The Professional License for Point Clouds for SolidWorks costs £1,000 more than the Standard license, so using the promotion a user can upgrade for £500.

Customers who choose to upgrade part-way through their annual subscription will receive a pro rata discount based on the time they have left in their subscription. For example: a customer who is 6 months through a 12-month subscription would normally have to pay £250 to upgrade to a professional license for the remainder of their subscription period; with the discount applied, they can upgrade for the last 6 months for £125.

The discounted price only applies for the first year or subscription period of the Professional license. Once the product renews, it will be charged at the full price.

Contact us at if you have any questions.