Point Clouds for Rhino

Massive point cloud data in Rhino

The Veesus plug-in for McNeel’s Rhino software, leverages the power of the XStreamEngine for point clouds, to allow massive sizes of data to be loaded into the native Rhino environment.

Once the point cloud has been loaded into the Rhino environment, the plug-in also offers powerful point cloud manipulation tools such as, slicing, clipping, smoothing, lighting, magnification, colour ramp and export.

Available in two versions, Standard and Professional. The Professional version adds clash detection, copying, deleting, rendering, CSV export and plane through points fuctionality.

Software includes a 14 day FREE TRIAL.

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Standard Edition (includes viewing, slicing, cropping and colour balancing of massive point clouds).

£999.00 ex. VatAdd to cart

Professional Edition (includes Standard capabilities + renderer, copying, deleting, CSV export and plane through points).

All Veesus Ltd Software products are provided as a 12 month subscription only.


Key benefits of Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino


The only point cloud plug-in for Rhino.

Constant Updates

Working with customers to constantly improve the product.


1000s of downloads.


Incorporates the Veesus XStreamEngine.

Easy to Use

Simple user interface, with powerful features.

No Limit

Load point clouds of massive size.


See more details of Veesus Point Clouds for Rhino

  • Fast

    Manipulate large point clouds quickly

  • Lighting

    Reveal hidden surface details

  • Slice

    Work through your point cloud data

  • Highlight

    Custom shader extracts surface detail

  • Clash

    Real-Time clash detection