Easy point clouds in the palm of your hand.

Zappcha is the latest innovation from Veesus Ltd. We designed Zappcha to make it easier than ever for people to create, use and share point cloud data.

There are two parts to Zappcha. The first is the Zappcha app, which enables users of LiDAR-enabled Apple devices to capture 3D scans using their device’s LiDAR scanner. The app is free to download from the app store.

The second part is the Zappcha Cloud, a place for users to store and share their point cloud data. Users can store point clouds from any device in the Zappcha Cloud, including scans taken using the Zappcha app. Better still, the Zappcha Cloud integrates with existing Veesus software, enabling users of Arena4D, Point Clouds for Rhino and Point Clouds for SolidWorks to save and load point clouds from the Zappcha Cloud.

The Zappcha Cloud also has its own browser-based interface, where users can view and analyse their point clouds, taking measurements including heights, lengths and volume.

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