Coenradie Surveying

Uses Veesus Arena4D
to create stunning marketing content


  • Needed to stand out in the marketplace with striking creatives
  • Existing point cloud software unable to create high-quality imagery


  • Veesus Arena4D software
  • Enables users to create high-quality still images and animations from point cloud data


  • Increased social engagement and web traffic due to video content
  • Images used to create impactful client proposals and reports

About the company – Coenradie

Coenradie is a specialist surveying solution provider with multiple offices in the Netherlands. For over 30 years, Coenradie has been surveying buildings and sites across the world in a range of industries including maritime, public sector, construction and infrastructure. Coenradie also offers high-precision 3D measuring and reverse engineering of large as well as small-scale objects using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), 8-Axis FaroArm and structured light scanner.

The Challenge

How to showcase projects and win new business

Any company that’s busy knows that finding the time to promote itself and share the great work it delivers for clients can be a challenge. In a specialist industry such as surveying, that challenge is intensified.

Jan Barnas, 3D Specialist at Coenradie, was determined to overcome this challenge by creating striking, impactful content that would fuel marketing. And he knew just where to start.

“Most of our work produces 3D scans that we use to provide clients with measurements, BIM models – and often visualisations,” he explains. “A lot of that content is really eye-catching. In other words, it has the potential to become great marketing content.”

A talented video producer, Jan set to work creating videos and images that would showcase the work Coenradie does for clients. But he hit a snag.

“The software we were using to manipulate our point clouds didn’t produce great quality images. Trying to use them in videos was impossible – I needed something better.”

Point cloud data taken from a church in Oostelbeers, The Netherlands, as part of a project to repurpose the building. You can see incredible detail generated by Veesus Arena4D animations.

A stunning visualisation of WW2 bunkers on Terschelling island. The animation overlays point clouds of both the exterior and interior of the bunkers, showing an incredible level of detail into a fascinating historical monument.

“I took a look at a few tools, including Leica Cyclone and Unreal Engine, but Veesus gave the best combination of quality, speed and cost-effectiveness.”

Jan Barnas
3D Specialist, Coenradie Surveying

The Solution

Veesus Arena4D

Jan discovered Veesus Arena4D, and was immediately impressed with the quality of the images and animations it could deliver.

“I took a look at a few tools, including Leica Cyclone and Unreal Engine, but Veesus gave the best combination of quality, speed and cost-effectiveness,” he says.

Using Arena4D, Jan can effortlessly manipulate his point cloud data, adding colours, changing camera angles, and capturing artistic animation moves with ease. The software enables users to build complete animated sequences entirely within Arena4D, or to export their animations for use in apps such as Adobe Premier Pro.

“I quite often combine point cloud data with other 3D data,” Jan comments, “so the ability to export the animations and combine them with that imagery in another programme is really useful.”

The quality of the still images that Jan can get from Arena4D means that Coenradie also uses the software to create striking and informative imagery that accompanies client reports and makes them easier to understand.

The Results

Outstanding content that gets noticed

Armed with Veesus, Jan has been able to create some exceptional videos of Coenradie’s most exciting projects.

“It’s especially effective on larger-scale projects, like our scan of Eefde Lock or of the WW2 bunkers on Terschelling. I can pan, zoom, and show different layers of the point cloud on top of each other at the same time to create a really compelling visual experience.”

These videos are posted regularly on Coenradie’s social media channels and are already producing tangible results. Posts with videos are now generating thousands of impressions on LinkedIn, and the business often sees a spike in new followers after a post containing Jan’s imagery.

“New and existing clients often mention to our sales team that they saw our videos online, and were impressed,” says Jan. “It’s great that we can have that kind of impact on the business. Given that I couldn’t create these videos before Veesus, I’m glad I found them – and I’d recommend Veesus Arena4D to anyone who needs to create high-quality animations of their point cloud data.”

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